The bitter animosity

The bitter animosity The reality of everything is painful, so once someone asked me that everything we achieve, we lose , we do or even be with someone attract some kind of bitter reality or is it bitter by itself? There are two simple context to this answer and one involves that we are wired […]

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The indescribable description

What do you like about me? The question is in itself a thought provoking process, as soon as we ask, our brain start searching the scenes and every scene, every capture of image we have, our mind process them, start relating to our so called language of expression the words. Most of question I have […]

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The flow

The Flow The strike of impulse, the natural vibration of Human mind is sensed as something more of profound work of flow, the flow which is created by itself, the life we live is life of infinite never ending game and I believe it’s the collection of patterns, the awesomeness of creation comes from the […]

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The Blurred Dot

The only thing we don’t want to do in our lives is to connect dots and see the pattern we have created. It’s all about perception of truth, it’s all about dogma and it’s not about reality. Either we suppress our desires or we suppress our needs. What makes our survival instinct poisonous is overlooking […]

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The Untrue Phlegmatic

Nonetheless, There is always a surprising element if a person has his own idea of expression, the person who gives time to process every direction of its idea, every possible scenario, not logical and not impulsive either. The creativity of one’s own idea is better without expectation. Elizabeth gilbert is a great writer and she […]

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  The Partial Childhood! A question that pops up in my mind when I failed, when I had to choose one exactly one the choice I had was to be a child or to be an adult, the definition differs for everybody at the different extent which is caused due to fluctuations of one’s environment. […]


The ungreased stress

The ungreased stress The capacity to self-sabotage is not boundless, it is accompanied by emotions, people, their success, their happiness and their clarity. I am unable to relax, and the reason is you, your transparency, the reasons are my mistakes, the reason that I know you. I am the sufferer of causes you created and […]

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