The Last of Me!

Well, I know very well what it’s like to be a low key. it’s been three years since I first wrote anything on this blog, I haven’t written much and most of these are very complex to comprehend in general and reflect some kind of absurdity in itself. Aren’t we all absurd in one way […]

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The Quantifiable Connection

“We seek not resemblances but differences, choose most accentuated difference because they’re most striking and also most instructive” Interstellar movie has inspired me always since I saw it in 2014. There are numerous thing in that particular movie which inspires me for the different aspect of life including love. When I first came across dialogue […]

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The bitter animosity

The bitter animosity The reality of everything is painful, so once someone asked me that everything we achieve, we lose , we do or even be with someone attract some kind of bitter reality or is it bitter by itself? There are two simple context to this answer and one involves that we are wired […]

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The flow

The Flow The strike of impulse, the natural vibration of Human mind is sensed as something more of profound work of flow, the flow which is created by itself, the life we live is life of infinite never ending game and I believe it’s the collection of patterns, the awesomeness of creation comes from the […]

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The Detached Thought

THE DETACHED THOUGHT “I need to take breathe, it’s suffocating in here” that’s what my thought keep telling me all those days. I am lost in between the time, I am not clear, it’s not dark here at all what it is supposed to be. In fact, it’s colorless, looks like everything is fake compare […]

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  The perception which traveled half of its way from the past to receive the present. Though she saw what really happened, she realized that past is perpetual motion. Things that already happen can’t be altered. She was seeking the truth of every past that was only a glimpse of a present which she was […]



            The Glimpsed Doubt                “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! We often suffer in imagination than in reality” We are pointless when we imagine, don’t think for […]