कागा रे कागा रे मोरी इतनी अरज तोसे

Kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tose
Chun chun khaaiyo maans
Kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tose
Chun chun khaaiyo maans

Re jiya re khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Hai piya ke milan ki aas
Khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Hai piya ke milan ki aas.

It’s been six month since last I wrote anything here!

it’s the line from the song “Nadaan Parindey”. I won’t be writing it’s meaning here. Death is something we have no control over, but inside we all want to take control over something or other. Is it even possible to control your thoughts in the morning or before sleeping. No, Howsoever hard try all we can do is we can just forcefully control our action but nothing else, we have trouble accepting this small fact at least I had trouble accepting this fact. We all have to die one day so we should live our life to fullest and blah blah blah.

Nothing you see is truth, nothing you hear is truth, everything is made up. Live life you want to is truth but it’s half truth. and you know what ? “half truth is worse than lie”. because it’s manipulation. Anyway, Death is not just the one after which no one come back. Overthinking, pain and heaviness is one of the reason that led people to symbolic death. The death much more painful then actual one, the firm belief in reliability when shattered, everything else starts vaporizing, emotional endurance ends which is worse unless you have experienced same then you are used to it. In the song, it remind me of symbolic death of one’s emotions because belief that more suffering to experience is still left, which we ourselves doesn’t want to end because we think we deserve and because of no more will we think life is impractical but it’s more practical than we think. Everybody lies and there is no one not even you that you can trust forget should , because it will broken someday because that’s what it is meant for Isn’t it?

It is or it is not, unless you experience you will never know and people will live in illusion of the fact they know everything when all they know is what they want to know and how they want to know. when it’s not upto them. Be better, understand emotions of others and yours, that’s one of the important thing after you have basic survival kit  to survive.

Still Live your life to fullest!




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