The Quantifiable Connection

“We seek not resemblances but differences, choose most accentuated difference because they’re most striking and also most instructive”

Interstellar movie has inspired me always since I saw it in 2014. There are numerous thing in that particular movie which inspires me for the different aspect of life including love.

When I first came across dialogue “Love Tars love, my connection with Murph is quantifiable” I couldn’t understand back then, even now I only have few thoughts but I know for sure I am far from the truth of what in reality it actually means. The quantifiable connection is the strong bond of two string which can be explored in true love through our natural instincts. The definition for me has always been  complex because they are important and gives the sole understanding of what is happening in the moment of thought.  After all, “definitions are the foundation of reasons”.  Strings are very sensitive but very strong, the instinctive bridge is hard to establish and when it does it happens in very short span, instincts keeps these thread strong forever. In simple terms, “For love” I talked about in one of my posts is just a string bonded but the connection is not quantifiable but if instincts are bridge then connection last forever even after we die. The explosion of thoughts inside our head, vulnerabilities, and lifeless emotions are just something beyond our understanding, everyone shares some kind of bond with our close ones but we are afraid to connect instincts.

People say, love, emotions, pain, and happiness cannot be measured, the reason is that they measure it with what they know and not what it actually is. I know for a fact this is something we lie because inside there is the conflict of interest within our thought for all of these things we experience which makes it impure which makes our speculation also a complete lie about quantifiable. The definition I have put myself is in the context of what I think when I come across the term Quantifiable connection. The quantifiable connection is very rare and is something we again seek in someone, I have this weird thought that we are already connected with someone’s  instincts but thread is not connected, that is reason we feel bad even when everything with us is fine because our instincts say it’s not fine, it maybe because our instincts say if it’s not you then it is happening another side of bridge. This also makes me lonely because these things will always remain but we will never understand what our instincts are trying to tell us because we don’t trust our instincts.

Trust them to find your quantifiable connection, Seek what matters and Don’t sit till you find the correct one.


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