The Chain of realization 

The Chain of realization
Our Mind is the manufacturer of the process where we realize thoughts all the time.  Frequency differ for everyone, the intensity of thought differ but there is surety about that we will produce and we will realize  every time a process cycle of thoughts complete.

These days I get sad because the Chain of realization is in effect,  I get sad because my mind can process the effective reason for everything that penetrates my understanding and then when I see the cliff of problem solving I see I can’t do anything because that’s how life is supposed to function.  At the cliff everything is moral and everything is immoral.  The differentiation ends at the cliff. I am not sure whether the chain ends here or still it has a path to cover. I can see now clearly life is also about selfless deeds.  It happens only when we see a perspective of life in many sense.  The three basic sense I can see and realize that the

First is “the definition of satisfaction cannot be brought from the creativity,  if it’s not there you will never have it”

The second is “serendipity is not something you are born with it is something you want to earn”  and

The third is ” the meaning of peace for two people can be same but path are never going to be same”.

We are all sad and we don’t even realize it,  our instincts are hints of what we should seek to be better and not what we are. The Chain of realization is something we all experience,  some less some more but everyone gets the taste of understanding.

After all

C’est la vie


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