The Spotless Terminal

The freeze state of reaction,  where you just can’t express anything,  the events are not rare but usually impact rest of life. the tied hands shattered tear and shock through senses.  It can range from ride to roller coaster to losing someone,  from the worst nightmare to losing a precious thing.  The sadness comes much after this,  there is no meaning to what we experience at that Spotless Terminal.  It’s just the suddenness, where we grasp the reality of never seeing something,  the reality of starting something which  can be expressed as the preintellectual moment.  I have seen the moment,  experience the moment,  I think this terminal is Spotless because the trace of these thoughts never strikes back,  they just leave the conscious system and memory we have of these terminals are the just shadow of what we experience.
The thing is no two people experience the same kind of pain,  the love,  these attachments always hold people back to understand.  So when they say I feel you I understand you,  they just mean I wish I could help you and I don’t know what’s it’s like to be in your shoe. The Spotless Terminal of your life exist just for you,  no one can touch there except you.


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