“For Love”

The persuasion towards searching the meaning of love. I realized it differs for everyone. What I gathered from my surroundings may not be pure but for me, the quality of my meaning is pure and correct.  It always starts with pain and ends with pain. The love is not life it’s the heartbeat of life. The life I am talking about is not what we live or what we seek to live but the life we desire for to live. I have been always this indirect who used to love persona of known and unknown for. Calmness and comfort for is the meaning of love.  Robert M prisig mentioned in his book “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”  “the peace you will find at the top of the mountain is the peace you will carry there with you“.  But I also believe that life is not easy, and it’s always more than what we know, it’s not just a backpack which you carry wherever you feel like,  the emotions, the pain, and the peace all comes only when you pursue them to come with you everywhere.  For is the context of what we love. The calmness which I get from comfort for, the love is all about accepting the for not someone for your life.  Beautiful things which are calm and where lies comfort and pain is love.
The life is limited to for, and life is not going to stop even if you don’t experience anything at all,  I have seen people who complete their precious life cycle without realizing any of these,  seek what your  instinct really say. Trust your instinct more than anything in your life. As mentioned in massive attack “love is a verb,  it’s a doing word”.


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