The chapter of beauty

There is song in a movie Rock On
“yeh tumhari meri baatein”,  It’s not just casual song I hear passing time, I listen it occasionally if I wanted to understand something very delicate or to shift focus.
The ultimate music usually have two effect either spine tingling effect or tear drop effect.
They are just the type about how I perceive the music which are complete in itself and bring the feel of tranquility. If I listen to music with full devotion I experience first step.

“Some songs are visual to eyes,  in the same way some images are music to eyes”. It’s just a philosophical perception where I seek calmness when we think this way, the way of relating everything,  the panorama of life, to gives us the way where we can   relates ourselves to the very core of memories.

There is core of memories which flashes inside our head all the time. We are restless so can’t really understand this happens,  these memories are only visible when we are shocked  from top to bottom.
The shocking experience  are usually very saddening,  deepening and very changing in every sense.
These experience are responsible for making these memories visible for time where we can actually make sense of our decisions and decisions that made us.
Every thing comes in one flash,  every truth every lie.
Not that this song has shown me any of this, but the overview of memories.wjat I saw were very volatile and flashes from core memories I saw,  there is no way I understood how that had shaped me. Few days ago I was discussing the definition of beauty,  I was unable to come with any definition but I think growth is part of beauty. There are parts of beauty and every phase of life is in itself a beauty.

The designing of life is beauty,  it’s more beautiful arrangement then the life itself.  I am objective person,  and I do seek beauty in faces but that’s because I have never seen the design of,  phases of beauty.  Sigmund freud who is father of modern psychology wrote an essay “on transience”  He discussed  the subject of declining of beauty where at the end of day beauty of flowers vanishes or after few years the beauty of face also vanishes.  That’s  a fact for sure,  and world live by this perception so do I. He said to live the moment,  be there for the moment without thinking it’s going to end someday.   Flowers will grow again next year and new life will Come again in the form of newborn.

Agreeing the fact,  I think beauty never vanishes,  what vanishes is boundary of perception where it’s difficult to see the growth.
The face grow old,  but if you carefully see the growth,  you will see the designing, the decision that has made this from that. Those who can see this are most wonderful people. If you can see  the design of every phase,  you will find the definition of beauty.

Give time
“Beauty is not content it’s a chapter”


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