The bitter animosity

The bitter animosity

The reality of everything is painful, so once someone asked me that everything we achieve, we lose , we do or even be with someone attract some kind of bitter reality or is it bitter by itself? There are two simple context to this answer and one involves that we are wired to negate things, It can be visualized as once we go to the deep forest, we know we have much to explore, much to love and be with whosoever we are going on deep forest with, To experience some kind of solitude along our way and other enriching experience, but We don’t really desire all that cause we fear, we believe that there is uncertainty of life in the forest, therefore while going consciously we leave marks on trees so we may be able to track our way back, when uncertainty reaches. The above phenomena lead to animosity some kind of desire. These desire are not provoked by something, It just the wiring of our brains that can’t stop helping, because we wanted to get back from the forest in the first place.

Forest doesn’t signify some spiritual way or being a monk. The significance of forest is general life and coming back from there is accepting bitter reality. So, somehow the above question may have two different contexts but answer is same. We are bitter and thus we choose bitter and end up creating bitter.
These are all self-devouring logic, I don’t know the right way of living a life is, but I do know everyone has to suffer because of some kind of emotional bonding or complex chemical reaction or anything. We are permanently wired by bitterness but It is up to us not to create bitterness around us. Because beauty is tangible but bitterness is not. Two things runs along with each other, It would have been simpler if these things were parallel but they cross and not just each other many others in their way. And Thus, they create very complex network and end up being complex themselves with no path but terminals. We want peace, we want to give meaning to our life, but what we really want is not happiness or sadness, We just want to keep seeking what we really want to seek.


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