The indescribable description

What do you like about me?
The question is in itself a thought provoking process, as soon as we ask, our brain start searching the scenes and every scene, every capture of image we have, our mind process them, start relating to our so called language of expression the words. Most of question I have came across in my life are volatile and responses to those question are sudden, on the other hand some are very disturbing and responses to them are non existent because those question wants to diminish a purpose and are mostly planned.

But the question like what do you like about me?
Can neither be answered by deductive reasoning nor
by inductive, they don’t posses hierarchal system.
So, when sanely I encountered one of these questions, I have to ask myself how far I can go to relate the words and scene I have in my brain in two different compartments. The response was something very extensive and fragile. But do I have enough words in my brain compartment to relate it?

The biggest problem and dilemma I faced was that scenes are captured by eyes and mind process it, I have no control over it, It’s like something eternal that make us happy or sad about scene. But words are learned to express things, and now as we grow we start creating scene from words with the help of tool known as imagination. But keeping my ideology of further description to myself.
The description of what I have in my mind is impossible to untangle, since it’s beautiful and enormous and far more complex, I feel the complexity of the description because I don’t have words to describe about my liking towards you. so, I feel that I have honored you in a frame inside my mind and it’s impossible to print it in terms of bizarre essay or in words. The pieces are priceless for me, I can’t even think of erasing or creating something unique. The way I am able to keep calm inside my head to protect those sudden impulse of scene is the what I like about you.
So, when I answer What I like about you is indescribable description of something bizarre yet compelling.


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