The flow

The Flow

The strike of impulse, the natural vibration of Human mind is sensed as something more of profound work of flow, the flow which is created by itself, the life we live is life of infinite never ending game and I believe it’s the collection of patterns, the awesomeness of creation comes from the scene where we realize our flow, to find the flow of our profound love and our peace (mycalmness). The sense which is more subtle, the sense which propel my understanding, which fuel my mind and give peace to my senses. We constantly search for pattern, we gather understanding by looking , listening or using our so called senses, the flow can be seen everywhere, everyone is flowing, every Monday we wake up go to work, the time we take shower there is flow of water, the infinite series of things all flowing through our senses dwelling in something creating that there is meaning of what we do and why we do. And yet we have limitation of making our life look more of reasoning, we want to make logic in life, to mean it by demeaning it, it sometimes looks utter rubbish but the actuality we accept is we are part of something great, something more creative, something more imperfect and something more of a flow, It’s about the mood we have, If it’s good there is no discomfort with going with the flow.

“Every senses that are enriched by encounters make us fall in the abyss of happy-sad”

I believe Vulnerability of my thoughts are because of those limited incident and encounters that happens and somewhat enrich my senses, I believe I want to make everything that enrich my senses part of my flow, of course that’s not in my hand and of less possibility of happening ever.


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