The Untrue Phlegmatic

Nonetheless, There is always a surprising element if a person has his own idea of expression, the person who gives time to process every direction of its idea, every possible scenario, not logical and not impulsive either. The creativity of one’s own idea is better without expectation.

Elizabeth gilbert is a great writer and she thinks that expectation to perform for creative people is the reason we don’t have as many artistic views as there was Initially. I wonder that it’s not only true but also it tells us that why “we think we and then we get dissolve in we”  greek and roman used to think that no person is genius, it’s a spiritual powerful entity   that supply genius to a person,  it is not something you are born with but it is something you have contact with. of course, it’s not true as for intelligent being who can reason logic, but it helps in reducing the burden of performance and kill  misdemeanour expectation as well.

The rudeness of individual shows the inclination of one’s mind towards ignorance. I personally don’t like making the decision for we cause they are inclined towards something but the nature of being the human I can’t resist that and so long someone who is phlegmatic in it’s thinking  can’t do either.

Ignorance is bliss sure I wonder why it won’t be. Ignorance is basically the indication of three type of thinking, either a fear of rejection or fear of humiliation or fear of expectation, basically, it’s fear and the fear of people  response dull our magnetic attraction of creative longevity. whatever we do today or any other day, it’s the response of others and reflection of how we take the response on us. we are biased because of we factor, we don’t want to phlegmatic and yet we are THE UNTRUE PHLEGMATIC.


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