The Detached Thought


“I need to take breathe, it’s suffocating in here” that’s what my thought keep telling me all those days. I am lost in between the time, I am not clear, it’s not dark here at all what it is supposed to be. In fact, it’s colorless, looks like everything is fake compare to this contrasting background of my thought. I was keeping the track of those colors, the track of time, but time is no longer what I kept track of. It all started when I realized that most of the track I keep, usually of time was so intense that somehow the creation of imagination was done instead of keeping the track. I was creating and perceiving the same. It was the night of 23rd January when I made a mistake in perceiving the fake simple yet disguising moment of tracking. It was the first day when I detached my thought from my mind for always! Here it goes “it’s night of 24th Dec, oh sorry it’s 23rd Dec” “I have to take a decision” The clock is ticking tick tock it’s running. I have to choose between them I am out of time.

It’s impediment for me, Number after crunching in my mind doesn’t explain anything. I have been trapped, I am lost there is no way ahead. I should have chosen someone it’s getting worse without colors and I am not getting wiser. Each tick in clock is a flaw, I am afraid of time and I have got nothing but regret”. That is when my thought started to detach, considering I have lost colors of the time. But I have got no way to convince them that there are no colors of time it was my imagination which showed me fake colors of time.


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