The slowed watch


The slowed watch

The dilemma of my mind is an exploration of that excitement which slows down with the ease of watch.

I live in a lucid dream which has Penrose stairs.  The world is not paradox our orthodox make it is clear in every single step. I take.I am throwing 36 sided dice but see only 6 possible outcomes. I live and explore dream inside my dream. I create such a rhythm of penetration that can change my subconscious memory.

Release those hormones which help me to get excited. Though I never want them to be.  Or wait! I want them. That’s why I created a dream inside my dream. I live a life where blood flows through my veins regardless of my action.

The flow is never slowed. It remains. My dream says a 6 sided dice gives me 36 possibilities in my dream for another and those 36 create 216 possibilities for my dream inside a dream which is further inside my dream. You see how much we have to explore. My guilt is my restriction my resistance is my restriction I am not free even in my dream, my fear, faked inspiration, guilt and my compromised state of mind

I am thinking I am dreaming. My neurons are excited which are allowing my watch to slow down.

I want to explore and I am doing it but…………………….

Every one of us has the question and answer for real. We are split part any one of it either question or answer. The question is worthless unless you don’t know the answer and same in case you only know the answer.

Maybe I am dead but I know the truth I am immortal in someone’s dream in my own dream . The answer I have means something to me .i need to figure out questions inside me I believe I have it, so do everybody else. I need to explore them before I wake up a new day. This is dream what to be taken care is I needed to  be in sleep till I figure out what I am in search indeed. I can’t trust  anybody in my journey as everybody in my lucid dream are merely my subconscious memory toys. In my hand, all I have  is my experience ,knowledge from education and my instincts. Knowledge can’t be trusted because it is not mine.what I have are my indicated instincts. I have to follow them. I have to choose the gate of freedom to end this once and for all. I have lived  enough life to discover my guilt.

My guilt is not my fear, but fear is all around me, In this cosmos there is not even single particle I don’t have fear for. I have just adjusted my subconscious memory with the melody of freedom.

Which is the result of much bigger and stronger fear? I cannot trust myself.

I have very less time I need to slow down my watch.


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