The perception which traveled half of its way from the past to receive the present. Though she saw what really happened, she realized that past is perpetual motion. Things that already happen can’t be altered. She was seeking the truth of every past that was only a glimpse of a present which she was about to receive. What present she got when she landed in the world of reality “the present”. The hunger, hunger and the hunger. How she was able to know it.the only thing she learned from the past is, the world comprises only two kinds of people the failures and the liar. The one with fear and other with a lie to hide fear.

That was the whole truth, it is the relation between past and present.

They think the biggest question in life is to choose the happiness of self or happiness off others and the answer turns out to be there are no others. Others are the just disguise.

Once I came across a question in my mind while I was roaming in there, an answer is still unknown to me. Here it goes liked  perplexed situation.God grant me one wish on beauty.the wish was to make me beautiful that much that anyone can ever think of.God  grant me, keeping two conditions to me.

1. Beautiful to me whenever I look myself anywhere in the mirror or any reflection and normal as I was before to others.

2. Beautiful to others whenever, wherever they look at me but normal to myself.

I was asked to choose one. I was unable to do so.

The self-satisfactory answer was not satisfying at all.

But answer,

To this very question lies behind closet of everyone’s closed life. Strive to thrive is only the perceptive hunger.



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