The Glimpsed Doubt               

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

We often suffer in imagination than in reality”

We are pointless when we imagine, don’t think for one second that imagination and creativity are essentially linked in an essence of bubbling thought.

It’s a smile of nature what we imagine, creativeness is the happiness of nature. We are beautiful things who can think anything. We are the silence of water with the beat of harshness and sweetness .we are the human being.The human being the only of its kind and most powerful of all creature.we have kindness unimaginable and we do have disservice of unimaginable intensity.

The randomness of our thought its flows from melted peak then into the river,the more it flows the more it learns this is what we think but the truth it takes dirt its changes its shape and so as we change according to a situation. Thought process follow its path explained in my article “the idiotic ideology” .

“I think therefore I exist.not because I breathe or eat” * so as we all do exist because we have the brain and yes fewer have developed instincts.

The existence of every single organism is a paradox of dream and reality.

If we are in a dream we can’t live in reality.and if reality we can’t live a dream.

We have a doubt in our mind what are we doing? Where are we heading to? We are all living in a doubt of tomorrow and yesterday.

We  never give time to analyse past.we are socially psychosomatic a paralyzed organism who have a doubt of their existence. It’s a doubt of the existence of dream of “night and day”the morning and evening”,”the sunset and sunrise”.

We think we hear what we say but in reality, its gap which decides what we hear. the gap developed in the medium of which words travel. So, we hear every other thing except what we say it’s the actual definition of a present.

Its something which is everything other than that something.

The present is “the glimpsed doubt” of dream.its a doubt of the reality of past and future which do exist.

The more we think the more we suffer and more it melts. The sun is responsible for earth existence so as human’s existence is by virtue of thought, nevertheless, the thinking is a heat which melts thought. I believe I think therefore I exist it’s a glimpsed doubt and it is cleared by every human in a glimpsed. Look around you will find it.


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