truth of nature
The intact instincts
Our instinct teaches us who we are the transformation from an infant to an adult is carried out by our instinct. The choice of getting wrong every time and proving right in your own mind is a basic principle of instincts.
I believe and experienced things doesn’t change whether you are optimists or pessimists. Because the instincts you are gifted with never force you to think. sometimes we are bounded by a fear even if we are 110 percent sure of not being eaten up by circumstantial situation,
Digging someone perception or our own is not solution to kill fear. The only way to turn your fear into something stronger and more clear about what you have done and what will be the outcome of it. Is to judge your instincts. If you can’t find human to learn from then learn from animals. An ant has fear of death on each and every step it take. Yet they are still most fearless and one of smallest creature of our planet. They judge their instinct to do work to live and learn a way to survive just by judging their mathematical instincts. But humans are lost in themselves and in their fake intelligence that they are not even aware that they are unaware of this awesomeness.
 Who tell animals a very basic fundamental thing “you need to eat food if you want to survive” they are born with instincts “THE INTACT INSTINCTS” they learn to eat and then they understand the pattern of how our planet endeavor the cycle of nature.  We are not awesome the all other living being are awesome. We are unable to figure out what is written in our textbook they are able to understand every principle by instinct. We used to be real before, the before is context of long before. But we are now in pattern just a pattern which is ruled by a pattern which is created by a pattern of nature to ensure the pattern of growth and survival.
Learn to know what your instincts are trying to tell. “Trust your instincts”
They are you.  You are not what you seek in mirror every morning. Animals are best teacher today if you want to understand and know yourselves.
Believe every fear is cause and effect of instincts which you don’t trust and what you are unable to encrypt. Remember you were always right when it was you.
You are born with “THE INTACT INSTINCTS”

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