6e376480a7bb372e5e88a10330f25bcc The idiotic ideology

“The mind of someone is like something lost in mist of summer”. That someone profoundly is human.the existence of mist in summer is an actual process of thought creation in human. Which makes human mind unable to differentiate a line between the truth and false. We do hit and trial and believe we are making something by earlier blog “The floating dilemma” had given us glimpse of uselessness of human mind. Who believe life is game play it hard or soft all kind of rubbish, game is for those who believe they are part of something whose end is predefined.

Human mind,the way we have i mean most or rather all of them developed  from childhood to teenagers as. we try to develop our self as something like reality exists and then from teenage to adult when person want to live in reality they come to know further everything is fake.but i believe the truth is, nothing was fake and nothing is fake.

It’s just we shift ourselves in a boat of other idiot and make an idiotic ideology. Don’t erroneous. Don’t tilt yourself to see already tilted pattern.things changes according to what is right not are creator and the observer.

“The past decide your future and future decide your present. Present is not responsible for who and what you are. It just tell you it is you and i am not responsible for this. Every human is a seed of discrete idea. We have created a shield between reality and fake. We know it but it’s like pain to break that shield. The shield is like bubble of water. Which look like ready to break but nevertheless it is as strong as iron to break just because it is ready to rebuild itself.

You have control over your future your prediction of second step defines the reason for first step and your position before the first step is responsible for your second step.

You know everything and even the bold line of true and false. Don’t imitate yourself with a highly indecorous ideology of idiots. Don’t tilt yourself and shape the world as you want to shape it as it is yours you are kostbar (German-precious)


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