vitruvian floating dilemma


The risk to take when, you already know you are going to fall. I believe we all live in the world of perceptive probability. What more to say then, every law of nature and every principle of life is based on the fact that what we think about it. The experience doesn’t give you creativity it do give you an idea to perform but not an idea to create another .Who he invent doesn’t need an experience but need to free himself from “the floating dilemma”

New situation tends to make people attentive only when they know it can be embarrassing if they don’t know what can be worst if they lose attention. The practice for sure makes a man perfect but none of them ever said that it make you creative. The experience and the practice automatically generates fear, which is,  now you know the pattern but you don’t know whether you will be able to do it or, it’s now initiate an option, a dilemma ,a fear and a hell within mind that’s bind you to perform within a certain limits. Makes you imaginable of only the worst situations and doesn’t provide an algorithm to think of a way which is far better and important than just completion of a problem. We do think but we don’t think what we should think and then we say to the “condition apply *” world that an average human is so confused and uses only 10% of their brain. The floating dilemma weakens you and create a situation something like an empty man with a given pan to make a tea and taught how to make it. He has experience but he will never think of using a pan for making something more than just a tea. Emptiness of creativity not only makes your brain idle but an idiot too. The experience and practice gives you dilemma whether to be in limits or to overcome it and become more creative

Most of us  have been raised as if praised means that when you are praised a lot for your every minute move of life you are obviously start being a part of an entity which try always to show us a bright side of his life, he always have dilemma on to share the link of himself and his failure. This is how human respond to what he had taught to learn and to learn but never to use brain. This is failure of every modern age human who are taught a particular set of problem. And we then find ourselves in “the floating dilemma”


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