impure genius              The impure genius.

The magnificent troublemaker and far better analyzer than any normal human. Who are not bounded by the illusion of love and dramatically changing fate? But bounded by the curiosity to rub every stone and make it a worthwhile diamond.

The true nature of intelligence is more or less inspired by Foolish or impractical; the senseless thought of those who, according to people can be represented as intelligent only after they are “dead”.

Foolish and impractical are even maniac and maniac are even serial killers. Is there no difference between a criminal mind and an intelligent mind? The truth is no the degree of craziness makes you both intelligent and criminal. The only thing that makes these people different from others is that they understand

“All is a riddle, and the key to a riddle…is another riddle.”

And the perspective to make unlimited attempt to break the riddle to reach the next level. Riddle for sure can never be broken it gives you another riddle and it keep on come one after another ad-infinitum. That’s what make people genius. In short the curiosity to know the unbreakable code of disguise. The code surely holds us all in a world of uncertainty and makes normal humans more impertinent towards thinking what is truly important and what is not. Early 14th century have given us the proof of an impure intelligence. The history for sure may be false or more or less shown us to create more interest.

It has shown us proof in the name of some great people, not just a philosopher or a thinker. But as a great observer and to relate that observation to create something big, more useful and more outrageous than human imagination would have ever approached. Telescope by Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci whose curiosity was mephitic sometimes. The fictional character Sherlock Holmes described as an observer, Not just observer but an extraordinary observer whose mind functions exactly according to what he commands.

The genius within you always wanted you to think of yourself as something more than you really are and think others are not worthy and intelligent as you are. Though in one of the darkest side of his mind he knows he is overreacting. Intelligence has worst side effect in life is that it always wants to humiliate people by two ways one by ignoring and one by make them realize that they are superior and you have to be more than just a friend to stand beside them. But true intelligence has no time to think about sentiments and they are modest enough that people within them realize it very soon. The curiosity to know the puzzle and break and to experiment with the depth of knowledge of impertinent people they turn themselves as criminal or may act as malodorous. Which is nothing but an IMPURE GENIUS?


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