The Last of Me!

Well, I know very well what it’s like to be a low key. it’s been three years since I first wrote anything on this blog, I haven’t written much and most of these are very complex to comprehend in general and reflect some kind of absurdity in itself. Aren’t we all absurd in one way […]

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The Quantifiable Connection

“We seek not resemblances but differences, choose most accentuated difference because they’re most striking and also most instructive” Interstellar movie has inspired me always since I saw it in 2014. There are numerous thing in that particular movie which inspires me for the different aspect of life including love. When I first came across dialogue […]

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The Chain of realization 

The Chain of realization Our Mind is the manufacturer of the process where we realize thoughts all the time.  Frequency differ for everyone, the intensity of thought differ but there is surety about that we will produce and we will realize  every time a process cycle of thoughts complete. These days I get sad because […]

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The Spotless Terminal

The freeze state of reaction,  where you just can’t express anything,  the events are not rare but usually impact rest of life. the tied hands shattered tear and shock through senses.  It can range from ride to roller coaster to losing someone,  from the worst nightmare to losing a precious thing.  The sadness comes much […]

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“For Love”

The persuasion towards searching the meaning of love. I realized it differs for everyone. What I gathered from my surroundings may not be pure but for me, the quality of my meaning is pure and correct.  It always starts with pain and ends with pain. The love is not life it’s the heartbeat of life. […]

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The chapter of beauty

There is song in a movie Rock On “yeh tumhari meri baatein”,  It’s not just casual song I hear passing time, I listen it occasionally if I wanted to understand something very delicate or to shift focus. The ultimate music usually have two effect either spine tingling effect or tear drop effect. They are just […]

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